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Six relevant questions N-Power recently provided answers to

N-Power is one of the agencies chagrged with the responsibility of training Nigerians on payments in skills necessary to grow entrepreneurship spirits.

But a lot of people have been living on confusion regarding activities of the agency, not because the agency is derelict in providing useful information but for fake news merchants releasing a lot of pieces to intentionally perverse the course of truths being set by N-Power's public relation management.

Going by this development, many people throng to the social media platforms being run by the agency to ask questions about whatever is crude to their digestive capabilities.

It has now become imperative to bring to my readers pertinent question N-Power had provided answers to in its recent social media engagements.

Let us start the journey one after the other. The questions and answers are related to three exited and anticipating batches.

1. A Twitter user asked if it was true that current applicants need to submit application print-outs at N-Power state offices nationwide. To the question, N-Power replied NO.

2. Another inquisitive Twitter user asked whether the current online application for batch C was still on to which N-Power answered in the affirmative ( YES).

3. This social media user asked when the stipends for the months of June and July would be paid to which N-Power rebuffed July as the current unconcluded month while promised to pay for June soon.

4.This one made enquiry on whether batch C application could be edited in case one made mistakes. N-Power said NO. A submitted entry is final and could not be updated even if the applicants made mistakes.

5. Another user enquired whether a well circulated report claiming that news of exit of batches A and B was a rumour and not true. But N-Power negated the report saying it is real that batches A and B were going for new beneficiaries.

6. This one asked an important question in behave of batch C applicants. The user asked whether there would be exams or whether the exam was ongoing but N-Power said there would be exams and dates of exams would be communicated in due times

So, my readers these are current questions to which N-Power responded to on its Twitter page. If you too have further question, just go to N-Power's social media platforms to ask.

It is better to err on the side of questions than silence that could result in mistakes.

Thanks for reading.

I will always bring to your doors updates.

Please share the post and drop your comments.

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