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Disengaged Npower beneficiaries seek better deal from the government through protest

Really it beats my imagination how lowly this country treats law abiding citizens with utmost disrespect and disregard whereas those who dare to take up arms against the state are revered and generously taken care of with mouthwatering incentives to keep them quiet.

I recall once while working with one private organization as the sectional Head. It happened that the management failed to pay us for good three months with the excuse that there was no money to do so. Even as Head of a department, I was not accorded any preferential treatment but one chap noted for his brigandage was receiving his pay four days before the month ends as the management feared he might cause trouble.

Sometime, in 2009, the Yar'Adua led Federal government granted amnesty to Niger Delta militants in a bid to halt the insecurity in the subregion and also to improve the production capacity of the oil industry which has since been our country's economic mainstay.

These ex-agitators have continued to receive a whopping monthly stipends of about sixty-five thousand naira. Some were sent abroad to get trainings in diverse skill areas. Mind you, between 2009 and now is about eleven(11) years and counting.

In the North, Gov El Rufai, said his administration is paying bandits to stop killing farmers in southern Kaduna. In Katsina, Zamfara, Sokoto, and other areas, these criminals are greatly feared and given attention.

When in 2016, the President Buhari led administration introduced the Social Investment Program and went ahead to recruit about five hundred thousand Polytechnic and university graduates into the Npower volunteer scheme, a lot of persons thought, finally law abiding citizens are getting the much needed attention though with a paltry N30,000 as what they called stipends.

The management of the scheme had promised an enhancement after graduation from the two year scheme into something more sustaining. This was according to Mr Afolabi, the erstwhile head of the scheme.

Now with the NSIP institutionalized into a ministry headed by a woman, beneficiaries thought things would improve, as perhaps they would begin to receive their stipends immediately the month ends and all that. But they were wrong. Under Sadiya Farouq, payments can be delayed for upwards of two months with no apology.

Towards the end of June, the Minister informed beneficiaries that they will be disengaged between June 30 and July 31 for Batch A and B respectively and then be made to undertake a psychometric test to ascertain their suitability for enhancement, beneficiaries didn't raise eyebrows until now that they have seen the obvious insincerity of the government ministry headed by Ms Farouq. Today is July 18, 2020 yet those in Batch A who have been disengaged have not received their last stipends not to talk of whatsoever test planned for them. This is Nigeria today!

The beneficiaries have now decided to take their destinies in their own hands by protesting to the National Assembly just to get the much needed attention from the government. It is important to mention here that, these beneficiaries are not trying to deny other Nigerians the opportunity to earn, rather they want a detailed enhancement package since there's no job anywhere that can accommodate nearly 500,000 persons.

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