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10 Things The Igbos Need To Do To Win 2023 Presidency

10 Things The Igbos Need To Do To Win 2023 Presidency

The position of President of a country is no doubt a powerful and prestigious one. In Nigeria, the battle for the position is the fiercest of all political battles  and always accompany with  many political casualties.


The Igbo people, with an estimated population of 57 millions, are mostly located in the southeast geopolitical zone of the country. They are very industrious people, and a key contributors to Nigeria's economy. They have influential economic powers, but little political powers, which could have been used to enhance their economic powers. They had been a major participant in the nation's political journey, but sadly, such as not tangibly translated to the becoming the president of Nigeria. This had thus informed the cases of the decade-long marginalization of the Igbos in Nigeria.

One way to address it is to seek for the apex political power and become the President of Nigeria. For as long as one can think, the Igbo Political class have been striving and struggling to become the President of Nigeria. But such political aspirations, has, for now, turned to a ventures in adventures. Yet, they are not giving up, so soon or that easily!

The clamor for the Igbo presidency had been ongoing, and for quite a long time, it is only becoming more louder this days, as much as the hope for clinching it becomes more feasible and probable.

Much as this remains ongoing and increasingly been likely to be a consensus venture in the history of the Nigeria's political journey, there are indeed several obstacles that must be thoroughly addressed for it to ever become a reality.

The entire Igbos, must strive to overcome the pervasive individualism and exclusiveness in networking and daily social life and interactions. This is a key obstacle it must address. There is the great wall of decisive indecision, in arriving at who will truly represent the vision of Nigeria and protect the interest of the Igbos.

 There is the case of perpetual discordant tone and vitriolic confrontations among the Igbo political and economic elites, to the point of annihilation. How would you explain a politics, where some contestant only go out to contest in other to waste the votes or the electoral values of those whom they detest or had axe to grind with.

This type of PULL HIM DOWN,PHD, politics need to stop, if the Igbos will ever be reckoned with as politically sagacious and mature enough to be elected as President.

With the Buhari's second term in office, elapsing in 2023,it is only appropriate the Igbo man or woman is allowed to be voted as the next president, in view of the past power rotations, equations and political antecedents in Nigeria.


The cold fact is here; that the president of Igbo extraction would only be realized when the people are solidly united and speaks with one  unmistaken on this worthwhile and deserving aspirations.

Morally and equitably, each zone in the country has had a shot at the presidency except the Igbos; it is only fair and appropriate that the  presidency be theirs, and indeed all Nigerians of goodwill, should concede the position to the Southeast.

What They Need To Do

1.0-Self Determination As A People

The Igbos must be self-determined more than ever. The right of a people to self-determination is a cardinal principle in modern international law binding, as such, on the United Nations as authoritative interpretation of the Charter's norms.

The past incidents of self determination that led to protracted conflicts, must be avoided or reviewed, within the context of the unity of the nation, accommodating all diversities and complexities.

More than ever, the Igbos  have onerous duties to renew the aspiration to 2023 presidency and to also go out and convince other Nigerians to partners with them to realize their aspirations to produce the country’s president next time around.

2.0-Build A Robust Political Platform To Work Along With Several Aggregation Of Pressure Groups And Civil Society Organization

It is not only good to be self-determined only in the media or pages of the newspapers. They must, in the process of actualization, establish and build a singularly robust political platform that will be commonly use to galvanize all Nigerian to support the bid. They must also set up many or encourage other to also set up series of pressure group and civil society organizations, that will later coalesce under one platform, with time.

The Igbos must continue to strategize, consults widely, become more interested on how to peacefully take over power in2023.

3.0-Enlist All Igbos At Home And In The Diaspora To The Cause

The Igbos are the most travelled tribes in Africa. Not only that, they remain the most investment-prone tribe, who leaves their homes for another man's land, where they invest, and build homes and businesses. This is a good gestures that must be reciprocated to them, by massive support in 2023 presidency in Nigeria.

The Igbos at home and in Diaspora, must be documented, captured for reach outs and mobilizations, by the stakeholders in the Igbo projects. From the moment, they must all be made to realize what is at stake, the blueprint to carry them along, their expectations as well as their benefits. This is the key ways they can all buy into the project. It means they all owns it, and will therefore give them a deep sense of belongings and supports its with monetary donations.

4.0-Mobilize The Critical Sectors Who Had Vital Impacts Towards Its Realization

Much as it is good and strategic to mobilize all Nigerians, especially, the Igbos, for this worthy cause, it is more important to narrow it down, and mobilize the critical sectors, that will play marginal roles, towards the success of the projects.

These critical sectors to mobilize should include the political  class, the ruling elites, the business class, the captains of industry, elder statesmen, Retired and serving military officers, the leading billionaires and money bags, the student and youth leaders.

 Others include the pressure groups, the media owners, top influencers, the religious and traditional institutions, the  women groups and serving or retired diplomats.

5.0-Subsume Small Difference For Greater Goal Of Unified Fronts To Pursue The Cause

One of the undoing of the Igbo presidency in the past is the lack of unity amongst all the stakeholders, towards the projects. To, therefore make a great headway to the point of victory require a great dose of unity. They must unite, in the true sense of the word

6.0-Deep Mobilization And Orientation Of All Ndigbos Towards The Cause

Having agreed that the Igbos, will take the shot to presidency, they must not rest on their oars, but engage in deep mobilizations and orientations of the Igbos towards the cause. The mobilization, must be such that every Igbos, must key into the projects, while every other tribes in the country, does not have a options than to support the cause.

 It must involve a widespread, positive propaganda, and a fact-based mobilization of the public opinion to support the cause. The campaign to become President of Nigeria, is certainly not a tea party; it requires a lot of funding; perhaps, one of the most expensive in the world. The Igbos are rich, but such riches, must now be tailored towards the realization of the Igbo's presidency.


7.0-Reach Out To Other Regions In Solidarity And Seek Their Supports

They must take the determination to be united further, by reaching out to and engaging other parts of the country, with a calculated determinations and objectives to win them to their side and to purge their mind against any divisive tendencies and hates towards the Igbos aspirations. To do this, they need to regularly organize colloquiums and enlightenment campaigns in universities' campuses, markets and public places in this important pursuit.

8.0-Reach Out To The Global Community To Sell The Agenda And Mobilize For Their Collective Supports

The Igbos need to also mobilize the goodwill of the international communities, particularly, those, who believed in the noble cause. They need to reach out to and partner with renowned lobbyist groups in Washington and global influencers. They need to engage all Igbos, of goodwill, or occupying respected positions to speak and lobby with one voice for the cause.

9.0-Douse The Fears Of Dominations By Other Ethnic Group, With Zoning

The Igbo electoral power is high, but their electoral values is low, as many of them do not have a voting power or any voting cards. The Voting values of a state in Northern Nigeria, sat Kano state, is almost equal to all of the states in the south-east. This realizations, implies that the Igbos, will not only enter into a power-pact ,regarding zoning, but must full sought for and get the supports of other parts of the country.

10.0-Campaign,Win And Rule For Eight Years.

The destination is 2023.The blueprint to get to that promised land is clear. The people must be ready, you can only be fit for the kingdom, if you touch the plow and refuse to look back. All the land mines must be removed before then. You must not look back in the Igbo presidency projects. We are all involved, all Nigerians, of goodwill and patriotic hearts. The destination is known, the consensus is easy and reachable, it is 2023,the campaigns, will not be killing and dangerous and no doubt promotes ,fairness, justice, equity, national unity, integration and sense of oneness in the country, only if the Igbos will do these 10 things to win presidency in 2023.



Content created and supplied by: ZHUFUNIPENHEALER (via Opera News )

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