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10 common things to avoid when applying for a U.S Visa

America is a land of opportunities. That's why people all over the world wants to settle there. Nigerians are not left out in this race. It is the dream of every Nigerian to leave the country and settle in U.S.

However, applying for a U.S Visa is no joke. A small mistake in your application can be a big hindrance in the visa approval process. It's therefore good to do your findings well before you start applying so that you'll avoid unnecessary delays or denials in your application. Of course, no one wants his application to be denied. I have written this article to you to inform you of things you should take note of for your application not be denied.

Many visa applicants get confused and are unable to understand the reason for their visa being refused. Here are 10 common things you should avoid when applying so that your application doesn't get denied.

1. Applying for the wrong Visa:

One reason why people's application get denied is that they apply for the wrong Visa. Depending on what type of visa you are applying for, the eligibility and requirements may differ. Double-check that you are applying for the correct Visa. Also make sure that you fulfill the requirements for that Visa.

2. False/Fake Documents:

Another reason why so many Nigerians are denied a Visa to the US is that they present fake or false documents. The moment the consulate discovers that any of your documents is fake, they won't waste time in denying your application. Therefore, make sure that all your documents are original before starting your application.

3. Insufficient Funding:

The next reason why so many Nigerians are denied a Visa to the U.S. You have to have enough money in your account that will take care of your trip to the U.S. You must prove to the U.S. consulate that you are comfortable before you can be given the Visa. They do not want you to come and become a burden to them.

4. Not having a clear reason why you want to travel:

Another reason why so many Nigerians are denied a visa to the U.S is that they have failed to state clearly the reason they want to come to the U.S. So, during your interview, prepare to answer clearly, why you want to go to the U.S.

5. Lying during the Interview:

Nigerians are fund of not being truthful. Considering how rigid U.S visa requirements are, some Nigerians become tempted to lie or cover up some facts. For instance, they may deny a past criminal conviction, or they may deny that they have family members in the United States. The U.S consulate follows a strict verification process and any lie or fraud that is discovered will lead to them denying the Visa. Therefore answer all questions truthfully, to the best of your knowledge.

6. Having a Criminal Record:

If you have a criminal record or links to a radical group or you have history of being a spy, your application is most likely to be rejected.

7. Lack of Home Ties:

Another reason why so many Nigerians are denied a visa to the US is that they do not have home ties. If you do not have ties to Nigeria, such as family, kids, business you manage, land or properties or any other thing that can easily bring you back home when you travel,, you will be denied visa to the US. They do not want to give someone Visa who will likely run away or overstay his time.

8. If you Overstayed in your previous journey or if you have violated any of the U.S Visa Conditions before:

If you Overstayed your Visa time during your last trip to U.S or if you experienced some legal and immigration issues during your last stay in the US, then the consulate will likely reject your visa this time. Therefore anytime you're given a Visa, go and come back home within the stipulated time so that when next you apply, they'll accept you again.

9. Your Nigerian passport is invalid:

Your Nigerian passport must be valid for more than 6 months from the date you intend toravel. Submitting invalid or damaged passports is often a common reason for U.S visa rejection. Also, ensure your passport has at least two blank pages.

10. Poor interview skills:

Doing badly at the interview can cause your Visa to be denied. Firstly, make sure you appear neat to the interview centre. Then, make sure you answer your interviewer respectfully and humbly. Disrespecting them can cause you a Visa denial.

Also, when answering questions, be straight to the point. Don't say too much. Just give the right amount of information. When you say too much, you can begin to contradict yourself or say things that will make them suspect you or question you further.

Lastly, answer the questions they ask you and don't answer what they didn't ask you. Make sure you understand a question before you answer it, so that you can answer it correctly. If you don't understand a question, don't hesitate to tell your interviewer to repeat the question or explain what he or she means.

In conclusion, prepare your documents well and prepare well for your interview. Also, when you eventually travel, do not overstay your Visa limits. Once you take note of these things, your Visa is sure.

Thanks so much for reading. Let's know what you think in the comments section and also please follow me for more articles. Thanks again.

Content created and supplied by: Josephlase (via Opera News )

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