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Reasons Use Of IReV System During General Elections Should Be Encouraged

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Nigeria has just started using the Integrated Register of Voters (IReV) system for several months now. IReV is an electronic system that maintains a comprehensive database of all registered voters in the country.

It has several benefits that can make it an essential tool in the conduct of general elections in Nigeria. According to INEC, the IReV system can make it possible for the commission to create a reliable and accurate voter register.

In the past, the voter register was often riddled with errors, such as duplicate names and names of deceased persons. This made it easy for fraudulent activities such as multiple voting and ballot stuffing to occur. However, with the use of IReV, voter registration can be accurate, and cases of multiple registrations can be significantly reduced.

The IReV system can make it easier for INEC to carry out the accreditation of voters on election day. With IReV, the accreditation process can be faster and more efficient. Voters can be quickly verified and cleared to vote. This can help reduce the long queues and delays experienced in past elections.

The IReV system can improve the transparency of the electoral process. The system allows for easy monitoring of the voting process, including the number of accredited voters, the number of votes cast, and the number of rejected votes.

This information can be readily available to all stakeholders, including political parties, observers, and the general public. The IReV system can make it possible for INEC to reduce the incidence of voter fraud.

The system has several built-in safeguards, such as biometric verification and real-time authentication of voter data. This can make it difficult for fraudulent activities to occur. It can also help to improve the credibility of the electoral process and increase public confidence in the outcome of elections.

The IReV system can make it easier for INEC to manage the logistics of the electoral process. With IReV, it can be easier to distribute election materials, such as ballot papers and result sheets, to polling units. The system also allows for real-time tracking of the distribution of materials.

This will make it easier to identify and address any logistical challenges that may arise. The use of IReV during general elections is something that should be encouraged by INEC to ensure a free and fair electoral process.

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