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1 Major Reason Moghalu Pointed Out As Reason Nigerian Youths Leave The Country And How We Can Amend It

In every country, the youths are the backbone of their countries and family's, who are very capable and desiring to achieve great success in order to encounter a greater future and meet up to the demand of their families. At the cost of their desire, if they can not find the greener pastures in Nigeria, there is no doubt that they will go extra mile to achieve their desire.

Speaking on Sunday while being interviewed on Channels Television morning programme, The Cat, Mr Kingsley Moghalu, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), stressed out that he does not blame Nigerian Youths for leaving the country and seeking greener pastures abroad, pointing out one reasonable reason why they put on the act.

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According to Moghalu, the frustrating economic situation in the country is the main fatigue behind the act.

Moghalu is a lawyer and political economist, who was the presidential candidate of the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in the 2019 presidential election. Moghalu also said that he could have joined the All Progressive Congress, APC, or the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019, but he realised that non of the party's can help to actualise his vision for Nigeria.

The issue of abandoning your country to another has become a big problem that had been the trauma behind the worsening of economic situation in the country. If the Federal Government do not find solutions to the problem, where resources that could help stabilize the economy is taken to develop other foreign countries, there is no how the economic crisis in the country would be resolved.

Below is the important thing Nigerians can adopt to resolve the issue of youths leaving the country:


Every country in the world has their own values. In America, they value equal opportunity, development, etc. Nigeria also have their values. We Nigerians values patriotism, universal representation and many others but the problem is that we don't respect our values. There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Nigeria but a lot of Nigerians like going abroad for tourism and that is why they invest their money in foreign countries because of the nature of development over there. We have more than enough to make our country better than that of the America and other countries of the white but we are not patriotic. If the youths are to be stopped from leaving Nigeria to other developed countries for better living, we must first of all value what we have. The leadership of the country should also be patriotic in carrying out their administrative works. They should rule for the benefit of all, devoid of tribalism and other forms of personal-interest form of leadership.

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