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African Women Were Really Great In History.

When you read African history books you would discover that African women accomplished a lot of great feat in the past. So at what point in history were women subjugated by their male counterpart?

In many African countries women are known to be denied basic things like Education, public offices, inheritance, titles and so many other privileges. These acts were not rampant in history especially in precolonial Africa, so at what point were African women subjugated?

The African ancestors initially respected and regarded the parts the women played in the society, it is a known fact that in some ancient Yoruba towns women were Obas, the Ogisos that once ruled Benin kingdom had women among them, Even in Hausa lands women were rulers and leaders. So I ask again, at what point were African women subjugated?

This is an important question we all need to ask ourselves if we don't know the answers to it. There are many African women in history that did great things for their lands women like Queen Idia of Benin, Princess Moremi Ajasoro, Queen Amina the warrior Queen, Nzingha, Makeda, Al- kahina and so many others. These women were queens, warriors and leaders.

African women were a great part of history and not a subjugated bunch of people who were only good at giving birth and being in the kitchen. They were leaders, warriors and political giants, who were given the same standing as men in the society. They ruled and did what they wanted. So I ask again at what point were African women subjugated?

This is a very controversial question and I believe there are history gurus that knowns the answers to this very question I keep repeating. The question must be answered and not just answered solutions must be made possible to fix it, because for a society to develop women play an important rule that cannot be replaced by any man, no matter how great he is. Women have some natural abilities that are peculiar to them alone, they are very smart, intuitive, efficient and great at multitasking, all these qualities are needed for every society to thrive and succeed.

There is a saying, it goes " when you educate a woman, you educate a whole generation". African's should know that the subjugation of women has brought no good to the continent, because they are an important part in the building of a society and great African women in history has proven so.

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