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Why Akeredolu's Visitation To Bola Tinubu In London Is A Wise Move Amid APC Crisis

The Chairman of the Southern Nigerian Governor forum, Rotimi Akeredolu made it known that he visited Bola Tinubu in London as it remains important to see how he is doing. However, it was reported in Vanguard News that Akeredolu addressed Bola Tinubu as the Capone of the south, and also said that when Bola Tinubu finally returns, they will collectively make some critical decisions politically. 

Akeredolu also spoke about Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos state and national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Arise TV during 'Sunday Talk Show' which was hosted by Reuben Abati. He further said that he was in London to see Tinubu and that rumors flying around on social media were untrue, he described Tinubu as the Capone in the South as being earlier stated, this is in accordance to the report from Vanguard News cited above. Meanwhile, Akeredolu was asked if he will support Tinubu as a presidential candidate of the party in 2023, and he replied that APC is a party and they are to decide who the candidate will be. He also made it known that he will not be leaving the party for any other one, and he is ready to follow whatever APC as a whole decides.

You will agree with me that APC as a party is presently in crisis as there are factions of capacities in the party, the south west politicians have their caucus while the northern politicians also have their factions in the same party, this is such that is capable of holding the existence of the party to ransom and also give room for more crises because it will be hard for their interest to be harmonized in this type of situation. However, in this article, I will be discussing how the visitation of Akeredolu to Bola Tinubu remains a wise one which is such that is favourable to the candidature of Bola Tinubu.

Why Akeredolu's visitation is a wise move;

The game of politics is all about planning and strategies, and a popular saying has it that, it is only what is known that can be attacked, hence Akeredolu's visit to Bola Tinubu is such that will give the duo the opportunity to strategize on how the Southern governors forum can have Bola Tinubu's agenda sustained ahead 2023 elections as we all kmow that Akeredolu presently heads the forum. The believers of Tinubu did not allow the crisis in APC to derail them from seeing to the sustainability of their principal, and the visitation of Akeredolu is one of such. You will recall from the above report that Akeredolu stated that some critical decisions will be made when Bola Tinubu returns back to the country, this is to say that his visit to Bola Tinubu is not a joke.

For Bola Tinubu and his believers not to fail in the upcoming general election in the country, it is expected of them to make plans and see how they can propel their gospel in an acceptable manner most especially to Nigerians. Akeredolu as the chairman of the southern governors forum has the capacity to activate the stakes under the body to ensure Tinubu's candidacy, hence Akeredolu's visit to Bola Tinubu is equally such that will enable him to give situation report to Bola Tinubu and also make new plans which will aid them in their decision making in seeing how their agenda will become productive come 2023.

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