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This Is Why This State Is The Most Beautiful State In The Igbo Land

This Is Why This State Is The Most Beautiful State In The Igbo Land

No drought going through the whole lands and state in the Igbo land, inquired more about the towns and behind the massive development, I was really happy at what I found out of this state. All throughout this state this state in the eastern part of Nigeria, this state is the most beautiful to behold and may one day be the most beautiful in Nigeria.

After going through this land and living in it for a while, I found some stuffs behind its massive developments and establishments. The state is very beautiful and one of the best. This town is been developed and built by its citizens, the wealthy ones amongst their midst (philanthropists). Other people leaves the development of the state to the government not knowing that they are the real government in the state. No wonder there is a saying ‘Don’t always think about what the government will do for you but always think about what you can do for the government. The people understand the meaning and implication of that assertion.

Other people leave the fight for development of the state only to the government while these people take it as a responsibility to build their home. This state is no other than the Great ANAMBRA STATE. A state with lots of prominent men that have the heart of developing their fellow men and cities around their state. Before you be seen as a rich man or prominent person, you must have built a road (named after him) and made another person stand too. Before you call yourself a good person, you must have made another man stand strong on his own. kindly like if the information here is good to the hearing

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