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Opinion: What may happen if there is no Election in Anambra state & why residents need to vote

The indigenous people of Biafra has declared a total lockdown in all states in the south east, from 5th of November to the 10th of November, to compel the federal government to release it's leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

The sit at home would definitely affect the Anambra state gubernatorial election, which has been scheduled to hold on the 6th of November.

Those who do not want an election in Anambra state, have not thought about the implications of boycotting an election in Anambra.

Hindering people from participating in an election could be classified as treason, and in some cases Terrorism.

No doubt, many people are willing to go out and vote, to choose whoever will govern them, but this may not be possible if the IPOB declares a sit-at-home. Most people would be compelled to stay indoors for fear of being a victim of the IPOB attack.

Forcing people to sit at home, against their will is a crime and could be classified as Terrorism.

What would the Federal Government do if the Election is Boycotted.

If the election doesn't hold, due to a particular group forcing people not to partake in the exercise, then the federal government may be forced to declare a state of emergency in Anambra.

The constitution will be suspended for as long as it takes to restore order in the state, and this is not an experience Anambra residents wish to face.

There may now be a military administrator from the north, who may now be appointed to govern Anambra state. A curfew will be declared from dusk till down, and those who break this rule will face the consequences, all this may happen through the period of the state of emergency, this could even last for years.

Anambra state and the entire south east will be occupied by Nigerian military, and anambra will be fully governed by military.

The state of emergency would definitely have a devastating effect on residents of Anambra, and it would last until the terrorist are hunted down. Hunting down of Terrorists doesn't just end in a week or months.

The army would have absolute power, they may kill at the slightest provocation, they may burn down houses or an entire village, and claim that it is the hideout of IPOB Terrorists, and guess what, nothing would be done about it, because the constitution has been suspended due to state of emergency, which means Human rights is on hold

Aside declaring a state of emergency, INEC can decide to declare a winner based on the majority, even if it's only the contestant that casts his vote. This means that an incompetent person may now be in power.

It is unwise for people of Anambra to seat at home for some reason and have the next 4 years of life being decided by their ignorance and negligence, especially now that the state is making some progress.

This is why they must come out in mass to vote for their preferred candidate.

What are your thoughts

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