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Opinion: Why MKO Abiola could have been the best president in Nigeria's history

Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, a politician, philantrophist, aristocrat and the 14th Aare Ona Kankanfo of the Yoruba land from Ogun state.

MKO contested for the post of the president and there was a general belief that he won the election but victory was snatched away from him and he died in detention. Here I will be telling you why he could have been the president of Nigeria.

1. A successful businessman: MKO Abiola was an ordinary clerk, this did not limit his dream as he later became one of the richest individual in Nigeria back then. He was a successful businessman, no wonder his main point during his campaign is how he will take the Nigerians out of poverty.

Someone who was successful as a businessman will definitely know the technical know-how to lift his people out of poverty.

2. A Philantrophist: Beyond having the knowledge, a politician who is greedy will never run the affairs of his country or state successfully. Before going into politics, MKO Abiola was a philantrophist and he was going about helping people.

3. His knowledge and Influence: MKO Abiola had part of his education abroad, he worked with some top companies there, definitely he had some influence to tell some multinational companies to invest in Nigeria.

However, he couldn't become the president as he was found dead while in detention.

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