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"Igbos" Doing Business In Northern Part Of Nigeria Should Take Note Of This.

Nigerians always love doing business because it gives them money, they can travel across various states in order to do business. Despite the outbreak of the recent pandemic disease in Nigeria, many people are still travelling around the states to do their business.

"Igbos" are equally known for their business skills, they can travel from South to North in order for them to do their business.

It's important to inform them that the recent pandemic disease have spread across all the states in Nigeria, this means that they should be mindful of the disease while doing their business in any state.

The Federal Government Of Nigeria is gradually winning the fight against this recent pandemic disease. They have made policies that will help to curtail this disease.

However, "Igbos" doing business in northern part of Nigeria should note that, life is precious and they should always protect themselves against the recent pandemic disease.

They should endeavour to follow the medical guidelines provided by the Federal Government Of Nigeria, these guidelines will ensure that they are not exposed to the pandemic disease.

Here are some of the guidelines that will ensure that people are not exposed to the pandemic disease.

1) The Federal Government have advised that everyone should endeavour to wear a face mask before going out.

2) They also advised Nigerians to wash their hands regularly.

3) Also, Nigerians are advised to maintain social distancing whenever they are in a crowded environment.

So, the Federal Government can be assisted in the fight against this pandemic disease if everyone including "Igbos" doing business in Northern part of Nigeria could follow these guidelines.

It's important to note that the picture used above is for illustration purpose.

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