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Npower Most Repeated Question Across All Programs

1. Must I come lower back domestic before 11p.M? No you____________ (pick one)

A. Needn't (Answer)

B. Can't

C. Don't

D. Mustn't

E. None of the above.

2. The final time Nkechi changed into at college became on Saturday. She changed into first absent for 4 days before that. Today us Tuesday,twenty seventh if September. When turned into Nkechi first absent. Give the day and date.

A. Monday, September 12

B. Tuesday, September 13 (Answer)

C. Wednesday, September 14

D. Thursday, September 15

3. Nigeria have become a republican in_______ (pick one)

A. 1963 (Answer)

B. 1960

C. 1979

D. 1975

E. 1980

4. In phrases,range 14 could be written as______(choose one)

A. Fortin

B. Fourtin

C. Forteen

D. Fourteen  (Answer)

5. Where us your father. At________(pick one)

A. Mr Green's (Answer)

B. Mr Green

C. Mr Greens

D. Mr Greens'

E. All of the above

6. The first government president of Nigeria is________(select one)

A. Alh.Shehu Shagari

B. Dr. Namdi Azikiwe

C. Alh.Abubakir Tafawa Balewa (Answer)

D. Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

E. Alh.Musa Yar'adua.

7. A number is greater than three however much less than 8. Also the wide variety is more than 6 but much less than 10. What us the number. (Select one)

A. 9

B. 6

C. 7  


D. 8

E. 5

8. All folks had a good time on the picnic last Sunday. Pity you were not there. I really________ come, however I turned into looking after my mother inside the health center. (Select one)

A. Should have

B. Need have

C. Must

D. Ought to

E. None of the above

9. The police introduced that they were yet to APREHEND the criminals. (Select one)

A. Arrest (Answer)

B. Prosecute

C. Charge

D. Interrogated

E. None of the above.

10. What is the capital of the United Kingdom?

A. London (answer)

B. Paris

C. Manchester City

D. Dublin

11. The new N power program introduced, the Power Tax is also known as _______

A. Community education with power N

B. VAIDS with power N (answer)

C. Power NO NOA

D. Power SIP N

12. Nigeria’s first television station was named_______.

A. National Television Corporation (NTC) in 1947

B. National Broadcasting Authority (NBA) in 1963

C. Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) in 1960

D. Western Nigerian Government Broadcasting Corporation (WNTV) in 1959

13. The African Union (AU) was officially named______

Choose one:

A. None of the above 

B. Organization African Unity (OAU) (answer)

C. Organization of African Countries (OAC)

D. African Union (UOAC)

14. Was EFCC created to perform one of the following tasks?

A. Follow economic crimes (Answer)

B. Support government officials

C. Arrest politicians who manipulate elections

D. Arrest of lazy politicians

15. All people in a country or area who have the right to vote in an election may be called ________.

A. elections

B. voters

C. electorate (Answer)

D. voters

16.________ medicine for your cold?

A. You are getting it

B. You are getting it

C. Are you taking? (Answer)

D. Carrying you

17. Don’t start _______ for me.

A. complain

B. complain

C. by appeal

D. complaining (Answer)

18. At first the road was very noisy, but now I_______it.

A. once

B. used

C. I'm used to it(Answer)

19. In a parliamentary system of government, the prime minister is

A. President (Answer)

B. The Prime Minister

C. The queen

D. President of the Senate

20. Chichi______fly to Kano tomorrow.

A. to going

B. goes to

C. is going to (Answer)

D. go to

Note: Npower have not announced the date for the batch C assessment test as broadcast accross social platform of resent. But it's advisable to always check your registered email frequently for any update and info from Npower

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