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Check how Igboho's spokesperson react to a letter of a monarch allowing the herdsmen to operate.

The issue between Fulani herdsmen and the fatmers in Yoruba land has been making headlines for the past few months, check what a monarch did for cattle rearers that made Igboho's spokesperson to react.

Remember, some governors in the southwest has put a ban open grazing and as such depriving the Fulanis from moving with their cows in the public place. This is done in order to ensure the safety of the people and their properties, because a whole lot of report has been made concerning the herdsmen.

Just now, Sunday Igboho's spokesperson, Olayomi Koiki took to his twitter page now to share a video and picture of what a monarch did.

He said, "I just received this now, while we are trying to stop it but our Baales are bringing them back into the country."

Obviously, the village head of Igbo Eleshishi of Oyo state, Oba Olusegun Adesegun has given permission to the Fulani in his community to continue their business of cattle rearing in the village.

According to Koiki Media, he said this is something they are trying to avoid but some of the leaders are not helping the situation.

This is a letter of that has the name and signature of the monarch, giving the herdsmen the full authority to operate and transact in Ilero.

Recall, Sunday Igboho told the Fulani herdsmen to leave the Yorubaland because the Yoruba van not accommodate their criminal act again.

Although,the reason why the Baale allowed the Fulani's is not mentioned in the official letter but whatever the case maybe, it will be known soon.

In the video that was shared, the Fulani were seen with some weapons like guns, cutlass and some other tools.

Though the letter appeared to be an old one as it was dated for March 2020 and few twitter users has reacted to this. what do you think about this?

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