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Npower: Here Are The Reasons Why You Have Not Received Any Message

Npower: Here Are The Reasons Why You Have Not Received Any Message.

I understand that you have been curious ever since you registered for Npower. You have been checking your email time without numbers hoping to get your own message of when to write your online test but the message has not come.

If this is your problem, here are the possible reason;

1. Registration process is still on.

I want you to know that people are still applying and because of that, the test process will have to slow down. 

2. Test is written in batches.

Most of the times it is written according to category so you can only be notified when it's the turn of your category. Even if your category start writing, all of you in that category can not write once but by batches. As soon as it reaches your turn, you will receive your notification. 

3. Applicants are too many. 

Millions of people have registered for the Npower program so it will take time before the test gets to every registered members. So calm down, it will get to your turn. 

Do not put yourself under pressure simply because you have not received any message from Npower and don't be deceived by anyone that you have been disqualified since you didn't receive any message. You are still on board. 

I want to assure you something. Even if they like, let 20 million people apply; as long as you are a child of grace, You must be part of the selected few In Jesus Name. 

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