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Aso Rock News Today, 15th July 2020.

Reps Commence Probe Of NDDC Over Expenditure Of N81.5bn In Five Months

The Committee for Representatives of the Niger Delta Development committee (NDDC) expressed deep concern on Wednesday about the NDDC's failure to submit financial reports and the arbitrary billions of dollars accumulated without benefiting people in the Delta region.

The committee chairman, the Honorable Olubumi Tunji-Ojo (APC, Ondo), announced this at a public hearing held to investigate financial abuse and other activities at the Niger Delta Development Commission.

According to him, "the visionary views of the predecessors in our bright room saw the urgent need to develop the Niger Delta region to reduce the impact of national economic activity in the region. In 2000, the National Assembly created a law that gave rise to the Niger Delta Development Commission with a clear mandate to develop the country and its people. 20 years later we have to ask ourselves some critical questions because the stick of conservation falls on us.

"The forensic examination commissioned by the NDDC president must be based on these critical issues, perhaps the constant shouting of people in the region and the need to see the maximum value for consistent allocations. This underlines why Parliament agrees The right to recognize the need for sports funds which is adequate when the Commission fails to take this into account in its 2019 budget estimate.

"The main consideration is expected to continue, although without controversy and excessive corruption allegations, there is a need for us as a Commission to be thorough, patriotic, and not take sides with national calls for proposals."

Legislators covered costs allegedly incurred by NDDC, but said documents submitted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Auditor's General Office indicated the cost of N81. 5 billion in five months with total damage.

According to him, "the total number o fdocuments issued from January to May 2020 in the course of documets submitted by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Auditor General of the Federation (AGF) is N. 81.5 billion."

The expenditure is as follows;

  1. Community relations- N1.3 billion
  2. Condolences- N122.9 million
  3. Consultancy: N83 million
  4. Covid-19- N3.14 billion
  5. DTA (Duty Travel Allowance)- N486 million
  6. Impress- N790.9 million
  7. Lasser fever- N1.956 billion
  8. Legal Services- N900 million
  9. Maintenance- N220 million
  10. Overseas travel- N85.6 million
  11. Project Public Communication- N1.121 billion
  12. Security- N744 million
  13. Staffing related payment- N8.8 billion
  14. Stakeholders engagement (February 18- May 31, 2020)- N248 million

Total spent: N81.5 billion

Meanwhile, Anthony Ain, the association's general auditor, and Mohamed Sabo, general accountant's representative, confirmed that they had difficulty reviewing NDDC books and asked the council to change the constitution to reflect penalties for those who failed to pay. . who don't present their annual accounts in their office when they expire.

According to the Association Auditor General, "It's hard to get NDDC to respond to us, which also affects us when we finish our report. However, punitive measures must be put in place to prevent institutions that want to conflict with the constitution. ""

In his opinion, Mr. Sabo said: "We have a challenge with NDDC. We experienced serious difficulties in receiving a reply from NDDC, and therefore the audit report was delayed due to receiving a reply from NDDC. ""

Hon Tunji-Ojo spoke to the press after meetings and hearings, reaffirming that the committee remained focused on providing the results of a very comprehensive investigation, which would be the starting point in the committee's history.

"Please note that the Chamber has not convicted anyone, if an investigation is not required based on instructions." We are not hypothetical or judgmental, but open without prejudice, "he said.

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