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EndSARS Mixed Reactions: SARS Should Be Reformed Not To Be Scraped –Lady Drummer Ara Says

SARS should be reformed not to be scrapped Araola Olamuyiwa popularly known as Ara the drummer said.

Revolution not the answer ― Lady drummer, Ara - Rifnote

Nigerian celebrity talking drummer, Araola Olamuyiwa, musically known as ARA, is of the opinion that having a revolution or protest in order to end SARS, may not give us the required result.

Mixed Reactions on Twitter

[email protected]

This just my position. SARS should be reformed but not banned. All officers in the current SARS formation should be moved to another area of the force and bring in ppl that have passed through different orientation programs to focus only on d mandate of SARS

Gibson [email protected]_gibson

An aeroplane is a travelling tool and a necessity but SARS is a part of a protection unit (POLICE) given the power to protect the people from harms and danger but the reverse is the case, They kidnap, destroy the lives they are meant to protect, extort money from the citizens.

Momoh [email protected]

Illogical comparison. airplane is a machine, you can improve a machine efficiency. Do you reform all serial killer,child rapists, dare devil armed robbers in jails? All of them to be freed to reform them? SARS are like them. They abduct youths, drive to ATM to get money and kill

[email protected]

There are other issues to be protested not just this #EndSARS issues, leave people to do whatever they want to do if you won’t be joining them, then leave them to it, the people wants there voices to be heard, and this is the beggining of the struggle to liberation.

[email protected]

SARS never Kill or harass someone close to you that's why you're sitting in your luxurious house to spit Rubbish.

Scrap SARS and come up with a new agency that comprises sensible, decent and reasonable personnels.

Not these 90% bad eggs we have

Ewos [email protected]

SARS is failed experiment in this country that has taken many lives and we can’t just sit down and wait or agitate for reform,then also sit back and experiment with peoples lives #endsars#

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