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Soldiers displayed professionalism by peacefully asking woman dressed in Biafran colours to leave

Shortly after the Nigerian army arrested Chiwetalu Agụ, for flying the Biafran colours, though he has been released by the army, a woman is trending as she was also seen flying the Biafran colours also and tried to cause dispute with the Nigerian soldiers.

She sat at the middle of the road, wearing the biafran colours, and obstructing traffic.

The soldiers tried to talk her to leave the road, but she refused to listen to them, even though she was quite wrong to sit at the middle of the road.

Despite several attempts to talk her to leave the road, she still refused, claiming that it was her land, and it is the soldiers who are to leave.

She clearly was at fault for sitting on the main road, and try to obstruct traffic, however, the Nigerian army displayed professionalism, by peacefully trying to talk her to leave the road, without being violent on her, even though they could have easily carried her away from the road, to allow road users ply the road easily.

She could have easily carried out her protest, without sitting at the middle of the road.

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