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2023: Why it is only Igbos presidency that may bring Nigerians together again.

The presidential election of 2023 has taken over all the activities of governance in Nigeria. Those who are still silent are those who don't know what politics is all about. The north is still clamoring for the post of president even though they have been in charge for close to eight years now. President Buhari's tenure will expire on May 29th 2023. The north is still showing signs that they still want to return to power after Buhari's administration.

This could be seen as not being content with what you have, and a desire to eat what belongs to another person. The South is the right zone to produce the next president of Nigeria. This must be done if Nigeria is to be free from tribal and religious bigotry. In the South, the only zone that would likely produce the next president of Nigeria is the South East, if peace should return to Nigeria.

From observations, it's only the South East president that would reunite Nigeria. During the time Obasanjo was president, Nigeria didn't have peace. The militants who disturbed his administration came from the South South. This was when Asari Dokubo became prominent as the leader of the group. Obasanjo tried to manage the situation, until YA'radua became president and gave amnesty to the militants, and that saw the end of the oil pipeline war.

Later, President Jonathan came and the issue of Boko Haram terrorism nearly ended his administration. This evil became part of the reason why he didn't return for a second term, because Nigerians voted him out, since they thought that Buhari may be the Messiah. Today, the story has not changed. Boko Haram terrorism is on the rise. They have migrated to ISWAP, which is even more deadly than Boko Haram itself. In the East, seccession activities have crippled governance activities, and have migrated to a sit-at-home regime. The Fulani herdsmen's activities nearly killed all the citizens in the South, until the recent open grazing ban. In the South West, they are clamoring for the Oduduwa republic, etc.

These activities mean that it's not yet time for Uhuru with Nigeria. We are still in search for the Messiah. Observers are of the opinion that the only zone that can end Nigeria's problems could be the South East Igbo president. The Igbos are known for their industrial capability, entrepreneurship skills, and peace-loving hearts. They remain the true meaning of the definition of Nigeria, because they are the only tribe that can be felt in every aspect of Nigerian life. They are living everywhere, doing business, building houses without fear of losing them, because they believe in Nigeria. It's only the Igbos who know what to do to reunite Nigeria. People that can go to a city and develop it with their hard-earned resources can do better with government funds that could be unlimited.

The Igbo President will end Seccession activities, it will end insecurity in the South East, it will end Boko Haram terrorism in the north, because of the great wisdom God gave to them in peace management. The Igbo President will end Yoruba Nation agitation, since it was born because of Igbo plights experience in Nigeria.

The Igbo President will develop Nigeria, both in economic development and infrastructural development, and the creation of new jobs, because of their entrepreneurship skills, knowledge, experience, and hard work, that can be seen in all the places in the lives of the people of the South East. Nigeria stands to enjoy peace under the Igbo President, rather than to remain in endless battle in different places, etc. Let's give peace a chance if we are truly one Nigeria and want to prosper together as a nation.

Don't you think that it's only the Igbo president that can reunite Nigeria, since others have failed to achieve this? Kindly send us your comments below the box. Share and like this work. Follow us for updates.





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