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Food Price: Reasons Why Buhari Should Not Lift The Ban On Food Importation To Reduce Food Price

Notably, the cost of feeding in Nigeria has increased unpredictably owing to food scarcity and high cost of production. This has become a major issue of interest in Nigeria as many Nigerians even find it difficult to afford a two square meal in a day.

Following the recent request made by the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) in Kastina State, for the government under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari to consider lifting the ban on food importation as a solution to the rising price of food items in Nigerian markets, I wish to use this medium to highlight on some vital reasons why lifting the ban on food importation should not be implemented.

First, Naira exchange rate with other hard currencies has increased drastically. Before talking of food importation, it is paramount to consider the value of the Nigerian Naira when compared to other currencies, especially the US Dollars. According to Google's update as at the time of this publication, the value of $1 is equivalent to 410.77 Nigerian Naira which would probably amount to a very huge sum of money when food items are to be imported into the country. Hence, it imperative to bear in mind that lifting the ban on food importation will definitely result to high cost of importation, which will in turn keep food prices at higher costs.

Also, Allowing Food importation in the country will naturally result to a decline in agricultural investments in the country. Honestly, the need for growth and progress in agricultural investments in the country is quite indispensable for a country with a rising population of over 200 million citizens. It would be very difficult for the country to be self-sufficient if the government still creates room for continual dependency on other countries for food. Hence, this is why food importation should be discouraged at this time.

In conclusion, it is in my best interest to suggest that the government should consider other feasible alternatives to tackle high cost of feeding other than lifting the ban on food importation. Suggestively, the government should utilize the surplus land mass in the country and make large investments in mechanized farming. The truth remains that the country has ample land mass to cultivate what would be sufficient for its teeming population.

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