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Can Nigeria Be Better Again? This Is What Should Be Done.

On January 14, 1914; a great nation called Nigeria was formed. Ever since, Nigeria has witnessed series of development but is still yet to be developed. She is considered the giant of Africa because of among others is most populated country in the Continent and has the Africa's largest economy.

However, many years down the line, that pride of being a Nigerian, and that Nigerian factor is gradually becoming a thing of the past mainly because of the social-economic issues affecting the nation. This is becoming a very huge problem as Nigeria is rapidly losing that great respect She deservers from other Africa countries and even from the world at large. Imagine a country like Nigeria having it's embassy that should be highly protected and respected even by the host country being demolished in an embarrassing way. Not forgetting the Xenophobia attacks being unleashed on Nigerians by their foreign counterparts. Therefore, Nigeria needs no mirror to see that She is gradually going down.

However, as the popular saying goes every problem has an expiry date. When will our great nation; Nigeria bounce back and achieve it's development? When will Nigeria prove to the world that it is the giant of Africa and how are we going to show the world that we can be a major stronghold in the world's politics?

This calls for a major overhaul of the entire system. The government of the day needs to look into the society and find the rotten areas, the degraded sectors and all other areas where things are going all wrong. The problem Nigeria is facing can be solved right now if all hands are on deck. A popular saying goes " United we stand divided we fall".

Nigerians, both government and citizens should look deep into the society and figure out ways to rejuvenate their nation, make their economy thrive, protect their lives and properties, improve the standard of living and make Nigeria a better and happy place to be. No matter what, Nigerians are still Nigerians and we should contribute our own quota to get Nigeria kicking and bumbling with live a once again.

Believe me, Nigeria is great and it is only when will realize those great potentials that we all can enjoy this country. We all have a part to play, let's do the right thing always and leave the rest for God.

Kindly comment on what you are doing to make Nigeria and how you feel about the situation. Also share this so that people can read this and get the country working again.

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