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Opinion: Why Biafra Land will Never Be Achieved By Nnamdi Kanu

We all know that Nnamdi Kanu has been trying to create the prohibited nation of Biafra which his forefathers failed woefully to achieve during civil war.

However, God is the one who controls whatever goes up and comes down; Nothing can happen without his permission and God will never allow something bad to happen to good people.

Nigeria is now being governed by the most erudite President who stands to stabilize this Country and set its feet on a right track henceforth, since President Muhammadu Buhari has a good heart and he wants any citizens of Nigeria to smile, God will never allow IPOB to creat their nation.

Biafra land will become disaster not only to Nigerians but to all mankind around the world.

I wish all Igbos will understand that Biafra has already gone and nothing can bring it back to life for God will never allow such bad things to happen to his people while President Muhammad Buhari is leading Nigeria.

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