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Should 13 Years Of Southern Presidency Be A Reason To Allow Northerners Take The 2023 Presidency?

The 2023 presidency has raised a lot of arguments within the nation because different regions believe that they should produce the next president of Nigeria. The Northern Governors forum rejected the decision of Southern leaders to zone the 2023 Presidency to the Southern region.

(Southern Governors. Credit: Infogist).

Also, the spokesman of Northern Elders forum (Hakeem Ahmed-Baba) argued that the Southern Governors should not force Northerners to zone 2023 Presidency to their region. He disclosed that the Northern part of Nigeria has enough population to influence the presidential election in 2023.

(Hakeem Ahmed-Baba. Credit: Afrikinfo).

However, the Southern leaders believe that power should shift to the South for the sake of equity and fairness since the current President (Muhammadu Buhari) is from the North and he will complete his tenure (8 years) in 2023.

Recently, The youth wing of PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) in northwest criticized the southern governors for insisting that Nigeria’s president must come from the south.

Ibrahim Ahmadu (The Coordinator of the PDP National Youth Wing, northwest zone) noted that the northern part of Nigeria must complete their outstanding years in the presidency.

They explained that southerners have enjoyed 13 years out of the 16 years that PDP ruled Nigeria. They narrated how President Olusegun Obasanjo ruled for two terms of office (8 years), former President Goodluck Jonathan ruled for a term (four years) and completed late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s remaining one year in office (5 years).

(Goodluck, Obasanjo & Northern Governors. Credit: Adrikgist).

So, a lot of people are curious to know if the 13 years of Southern Presidency should be a reason to allow Northerners to take 2023 presidency.

(Map of Nigeria Showing Different Regions. Credit: Afriknews).

Nevertheless, I believe that 2023 presidency should not be zoned to any region because what Nigeria need is a competent president that will tackle all the challenges within the country irrespective of the person's tribe or region.

Also, I believe that political parties in Nigeria should look for presidential candidates that are qualified and capable of bringing unity within the country instead of zoning the presidency to different regions in the country.

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