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Unemployment Issues: Senate Moves New Bill To Aid Nigerians Facing Age Restriction When Hunting Jobs

Unemployment challenge is a very concern many Nigerian youths face today.


Nigeria is a country with over 200million population, out of which a significant number of its citizens are youths.

Ideally, every Nigerian youth under 30-years of age is required to undergo one mandatory national service upon completion of his/her higher education, to be eligible to seek for employment at any public or private institution in the country.

Also, the sad reality is that even getting into the public universities is a headache for majority of post secondary school candidates seeking admission. Private universities on the other extreme, cost much higher. So as such, It is understandable way majority of Nigerians choose to attend public universities over private ones.

Another unpleasant reality is that the existing age limitation imposed on Nigerians seeking employment in the country. This contributes to the frustration young graduates who are eligible for jobs, but due to their age in relation to the marked age restriction in place, are denied the chance.

Also we can’t discuss the age limitation obstacle Nigerians face in the country without mentioning the unrealistic work experience requirements often demanded of young graduate by hiring firms.

You see something like, we need candidates with 3years or 5years work experience and is under 25years old

Where on earth can they gain that work experience, if not given the opportunity to work?

In the middle of all this issue, the good news is that senate have recently taken an overdue step towards pushing a bill tagged “Urgent need to review age barrier during recruitment and employment”.

This said bill was reportedly to have been facilitated by Senator Ibrahim Gobir, representing Sokoto East, with an intention to bring a change to the existing employment challenge in the country caused by age restriction.

Photo of Sen. Ibrahim Gobri

What Happens If This Bill Is Passed?

Well, this bill when passed, would help young graduates seeking employment in the country overcome the marked age barrier initially imposed on them.

It is not surprising that the present age limitation on employment has in the past resulted to increase falsification of documents by many Job seekers in an effort to overcome the issue. While others have been forced into engaging in different illegal activities due to the frustration long unemployment.

What is your opinion on this matter?

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