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Why Igbos Don't Deserve Biafra.

I have a problem with the issue of Biafra.

Don't get me wrong, I like Biafra, I want us to get Biafra but definitely not for the reason that a lot of people are thinking about.

I want Biafra just for the pride that comes with it. The same pride that I feel whenever Chimamada Adichie wins an award or when Mikel Obi plays for Chelsea. The feeling that they are my own people.

But a whole lot of people feel that Nigeria is against the Igbo race and that Biafra is the answer. 

I do not share this sentiment not because I do not feel that we are being marginalized, no, we are. I feel this way because we are the architect of our problems.

The way other tribes treat us is a reflection of the way we treat ourselves.

If Governor Ikpeazu of Abia didn't use the resources of the state to build the statewide roads, what makes you think that the Buhari led Federal Government will take him serious in the issues of federal roads in Abia State?

If Governor Umahi brutalizes IPOB members in his state, why won't the Hausa soldier brutalize them?

Is the northern states richer? Why is their statewide road networks better than ours? 

When I was in the youth parliament, because I have poor sight and needed someone to get me my identifications from the presidency, was it not a fellow Igbo brother from Ebonyi that tried to dupe me and put his name instead? Was it not an Hausa man from Adamawa that found out and made sure that it was rectified while saying " You Ibos don't like yourself "

You see the problem?

What has igbo politicians done for igbo people? Igbo businessmen? Igbo intelligentia?

What gives us the impression that just by getting a sovereign state, these things will change?

Is it not the same leaders we have now that will contest and win the elective positions in Biafra?

Or is it Nnamdi Kanu?

Kanu for all his good nature is an activist and not an administrative leader. 

Does he have the temperament to entertain diverse opinions?

What about the investments of our brothers outside Biafra land?

Are we going to let it waste? If we do, what are we starting a new nation with? 

 The Post 1970 £20 situation might not be feasible this time around you know.

Do we feel mentally and socioeconomically ready for a new nation?

Do we have the land mass to accommodate returnees?

How are we going to resolve the conflicts that will arise? Our traditional systems are weak to non existent these days.

I can continue talking and we won't stop.

I still believe though that they are only two groups of people in Nigeria.

The rich and the poor.

Biafra will not bridge that gap.

If we still get Biafra though, let's just enjoy the name and the pride that it will bring and never expect a monumental shift in the socioeconomic inbalance because Biafra cannot solve that.

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