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Two Reasons Tinubu Needs To Worry About Jonathan's Rise In Politics

The national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu may have to worry about the former president, Goodluck Jonathan. There are two valid and logical reasons why Tinubu would need to be watchful as far as Jonathan is concerned or else Tinubu may find himself unrecognised ahead of the 2023 presidential election.

The national leader is considered as the surest politician to clinch the ticket of the party, but he now has two reasons he should be afraid of the former president. Note that the former Lagos State governor, Tinubu, is still recuperating in London and while he is away, Jonathan would gain more ground ahead of 2023.

The first reason is that the APC may succeed in convincing Jonathan to dump the PDP. The ruling party has been running up and down to ensure that its net catches the former president of the country. The APC has made so many efforts. Even an official of the party revealed that the party would allow Jonathan to contest on the platform and that he would be given the status of a founding father of the party.

Another step that the APC had taken was that some governors of the party went to meet Jonathan late last year and on a daily basis there are reports linking Jonathan to the APC. Though Jonathan has not made any move towards any party, Tinubu needs to be concerned about Jonathan.

If Jonathan leaves the PDP and joins the APC, northern leaders would prefer him to Tinubu. They know that Jonathan can only contest for only a term after which power would return to north. Then, Tinubu would be dismayed if this happens because all hope of ruling the country would all but lost.

The second reason is that Goodluck Jonathan is gaining more popularity almost every day. There is always a piece of news about him and what this means is that Jonathan may be on the brink of leading the country again. Meanwhile, Tinubu is far away in London. The fact is that before Tinubu returns to the country, Jonathan might have gone beyond reach.

The former president may stay in the PDP. He has always been a seriously committed member of the party and there is no way he would jettison the party that brought him to the most powerful office in the country. Even if he competes again on the PDP platform, he stands to be more powerful than Tinubu.

Northern leaders in the PDP would still prefer Jonathan on the same premises revealed above. And in the southern region, electorate would want to choose him on the ground that he is not power drunk and he believes so much in fundamental human rights. Hence, Tinubu should be wary of Goodluck Jonathan.

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