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Arewa Youth Forum blasts Governor Sanwo-Olu as they accuse him of neglecting their community

Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has claimed that the Arewa Community in Lagos State has been left out in the distribution of palliatives during the lockdown.


In a statement signed by Alhaji Yerima Shettima, National President, AYCF, the organization berated the Lagos State Government for neglecting its community in the state in the distribution of the lockdown palliatives.


The group informed the Lagos State Government that the palliative is a "right" not a gift and as such everyone, "regardless of which part of Nigeria they come from" is entitled to receive it.


The statement reads: "It has come to the notice of our organization that the Arewa community in Lagos state has been totally left out in the distribution of palliatives in the ongoing lockdown.


"We wish to, therefore, indicate our position as follows:


"1. We share pain and agony of the Arewa community for being neglected by the Lagos state government as if they not residents of the State. And we believe that this is totally unacceptable.


"2. We wish to remind the Lagos State Government that the palliative is not a gift but a right for all the people in the State, regardless of which part of Nigeria they came from. The Covid-19 is a global problem and anywhere there is lockdown the authorities come forward with food and other essentials for the people of the communities where pandemic is infecting and killing people. We are appalled that the Lagos State Government has neither offered the palliative to the Arewa community nor make any official announcement about its plans for the Arewa community.


"3. We wish to remind the Lagos State Government that it would be doing no special favor to the Area community by giving them what rightly belongs to them. All relevant laws are here to confirm the difference between pandemic palliatives and favors by a government.


"4. It is uncivilized, unthinkable and unacceptable for the Lagos State Government to abandon the Arewa community in this crucial hour of need. There now a pandemic and there’s the attendant lockdown for which no reasonable government will fold its arms and watch citizens in avoidable suffering.


"We, at the AYCF, say no to this open selective patronage in One Nigeria. A skewed process that takes the suffering of a section of its citizens as less important than that of other citizens stands condemnable by all Nigerian men and women of conscience.


"To be forewarned is to be forearmed," the group concluded.

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Ivory Coast Presidential candidate, Guillaume Soro has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for corruption. 


The 47-year-old politician was convicted in absentia on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. 


He was found guilty of “embezzlement of public funds” and “money laundering” when he bought his Abidjan residence in 2007, while he was prime minister of a government of national unity. 


The Abidjan court fined him nearly seven million euros ($7.6 million), ordered the confiscation of his Abidjan home, and barred him from civic duties for five years. 


The court issued a fresh arrest warrant against him, in effect barring him from contesting elections, and ordered him to pay three million euros in damages and interest to the state.


The former prime minister, who has been living in France on exile since December 2019, denied the corruption charges, claiming they are politically motivated.


Prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for Soro in December for allegedly plotting a coup against his former ally Ouattara's government and stealing public funds.


According to reports, Soro diverted his plane in the air instead of returning home in December to Ivory Coast when it became clear that Ivorian authorities had issued an arrest warrant for him.


Soro has denied the charges, which he says are intended to prevent him from challenging Ouattara's preferred successor, Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly, in the election.

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