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Do Kwara PDP/Sarakites Have Any Shame At All

An article is presently circulating on the social media about the Kwara PDP chairman Kola Shittu saying they didn't leave the state in a mess. That was an insult to the psyche of our people. How can a party that ran a state to the lowest ladder of education development be so bold to say such a thing?

1. As at today, Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) ranks Kwara as the worst state in terms of accessing funds to develop basic education!

2. Kwara owes over N100bn in local and foreign debts. Do we have anything on the ground to justify that huge debt?

3. The entire education sector (Colleges of Education were all on strike until two weeks ago after Governor AbdulRazaq paid a part of the huge debt the PDP administration left behind) is in shambles. How else do you leave a state in a mess than to kill the dream of the next generation?

4. The entire health sector is in a serious mess. We have less than 50 medical doctors catering for over 3m people. Osun has over 200! The facilities have totally collapsed. You either go to Unilorin Teaching Hospital or you die a cheap death!

5. Yet the characters who governed this state are owning multi billion naira properties scattered across Nigeria. Some of them were even sponsoring elections across Nigeria at some point.

6. The Governor was at the school of special needs children a few days ago and the Governor just had to apologise to those vulnerable children. How else do you kill a state when you can't help the weak???

7. Just like in 2013 when Kwara was declared unbankable under them, the UBEC had to blacklist Kwara for its reckless behaviour of diverting funds meant for fixing the education sector to something entirely shady.

8. The civil service was totally messed up. Until the Governor recently released some running cost to the ministries, our bureaucrats were rendered completely jobless because they have no basic tools to work with.

9. Radio Kwara was left to die. It had since gone off air. Now, Radio Kwara will be back on air in the next few days.

10. There was no single functional fire service in the whole of Ilorin, the state capital. The governor has recently ordered immediate revitalisation of the fire service and it will be ready in about two weeks.

11. They spent N6.5bn on so-called water reticulation. The state had no water. Now, within two months, the new administration is restoring water with just a few millions of naira.

12. They sold government properties to themselves under the most shady circumstances you can think of. Houses built to accommodate guests of the state government were sold to themselves at very ridiculous rates. How else do you ground a state?

13. The Kwara PDP chairman Kola Shittu has referred to the N350m recently released by the Governor for the completion of the secretariat. What he did not say was that that project ought to have been completed over a year ago and that the governor in fact, in his usual prudent self, saved the state a princely sum of N50m!

14. While the state was collapsing under their nose, they were still flying private jets with public funds. This governor has refused to do that because Kwara simply cannot afford such criminal luxury.

15. The PDP and Sarakites are definitely testing the patience of Kwara people with their shameless comments on issues of governance. They have since lost the moral stamina to say anything, given the criminal manner they ran the state aground for 16 long years. They should in fact be grateful that this Governor is a decent man with no time for vendetta like their own disgraced emperor.

16. Unlike them, this Governor is treating every Kwaran equally. He has retained the 'sunset workers' they hurriedly hired while trying to fix the mess they created with the bogus employment. Was that what their 'dealer' did in 2003?

17. Somebody should please tell the Sarakites to keep quiet, for everything they say may soon pit them against the 'angry' people of Kwara State who may not adopt the niceties of taking them to the EFCC for their crimes against the people and the state!

18. Finally, Kola Shittu was making all those statements on Kwara TV! That's the difference between this administration and theirs. They barred opposition from using state owned TV. This administration isn't doing that. How else does one make a difference?

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