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I got five consecutive rejections from the hub but I didn't give up.

See how I got five consecutive rejections in Opera Newshub but I didn't give up until I learnt my lessons, then I started improving.

I started writing in Opera Newhub in April, since then I've been struggling to make headway in the hub. I keep making a lot of mistakes and I go against the rules almost everyday. Rejections became normal with my account to the extent I had 5 consecutive rejections in one day. 

I was so disappointed, but in quest to succeed, I started going through the rules and applying them. I started seeing enough clicks and engagements in my articles. I improved and I got up to 10 consecutive articles approved without rejections. 

I also stopped copying from random posts, I started making original posts. In one of the articles, I got 71,000 clicks and I felt good for obeying the rules. 

I also discovered that clickbait affected me when I started, so I read the rules and avoided everything that looks like clickbait. That also helped me to reduce the rate of rejections in my account. 

I also noticed that I was not using the right pictures, some of my rejections were caused by the pictures I used. I had to stop using the pictures of regular people to right negative stories, and from then I avoided rejections due to pictures. 

I also found out some of my articles were rejected due to disgusting images I used, so I had to point out what made those images disgusting. Images with dead bodies, injuries, sore, dirty Mad Men, toilet soak away( one of my articles was rejected because I posted a soak away). So I stopped using disgusting images and that also helped to reduce the rate of rejections in my account. 

I also improved in my headlines because I found out that some of my articles were rejected due to grammatical errors in the headlines. So I became very careful in the headlines and I was seeing my success as I obeyed the rules. 

My first payment was 1,300, I encouraged myself and improved in my writing skills. Then the month of June, I was paid 5,400, it was encouraging but I've improved greatly because I will be expecting 50,000 this month. 

So if you really want to make headway in the hub, you must try as much as possible to obey the rules and make your articles original.

I got uncountable rejections and it made me improve by observing the rules and obeying them. You can ask your questions or contribution at the comment section, thanks. 

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