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Drama As Parish Priest Refuse To Give Sermon, Saying That The Senator's Life Is Enough Lesson

One of the prominent political giants in Enugu was buried yesterday. The burial mass of Late Senator Fedelis Okoro, turned out to be a drama, as the Rev. Father refused to officiate in the burial mass. The burial mass took place in his hometown in Iheagu Nru Nsukka on Friday, Sept 4th 2020 . Lot of people and dignitories were all seated to pay the late senator a homage.

According to reports from Vanguard, the parish priest identified as Rev.Fr. Evaristus Inside, who was present on the burial ceremony, didn't carryout the mass, instead, the catechist took all the responsibilities of the priest. He practically allowed the catechist to officiate. Many people in the congregation where all surprised.

According to reports, the Parish Priest of his town, Rev. Fr. Evaristus Isife who also came to the burial ceremony allowed the catechist to carryout the mass duties of the priest. The priest practically allowed the catechist to officiate in the mass. This actions lifted every eyebrow as it kept the congregation in surprise, and many were filled with mixed feelings.

Late Senator Fidelis Okoro

However, the catechist tried and pulled through that amidst of the dignitories who were present.

After the catechist finished officiating, the Parish priest picked up the microphone, and everyone was expecting to hear a homely sermon from the priest. But the priest told the congregation that "The state of the late Senator is enough homily for everyone."

Senator representing the Enugu North Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator. Chukwuka Utazi who saw everything, took the microphone and pleaded with the congregation to pray for the Saul of the deceased, instead of judging him. He further explained that God is the only one that has the power to judge.

Still on his speech, he narrated the biblical story, about the two criminals that died with Jesus Christ, and how there sins were forgiven. He also said that God may forgive him.

According to reports, late Senator Fedelis was in a bad book of the people following several of his anti-human policies which he held on to while he was still active in politics.

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Information Source: Vanguard

Content created and supplied by: PrinceNewz (via Opera News )

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