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What Happens If The Igbos Vote To Remain In One Nigeria After The Referendum?

The topic of conversation is a large question that no one appears to be able to answer. The call for an independent Biafra state is becoming increasingly louder by the day. The current state of anarchy in the country is exacerbating the problem. The insurgents recognize that now is the best time to secede from Nigeria. Creating a new country, on the other hand, is not a decision made by a single person. As a result, the Nigerian government would give all Igbos the opportunity to decide what they truly desire. A "Referendum" is what we call this situation.

The population of the Igbos is expected to be over 42 million people, according to studies. While the folks we see on the streets demonstrating are nothing near this number. What assurance do we have that those who aren't protesting would vote for Biafra's exit?

You'd agree with me that the Igbos have more investments in other states than they do in the Southeast. So, when it comes time to vote, how can we be sure they won't prioritize their enterprises before freedom?

What are the ramifications for Igbos and other Nigerians if the referendum is lost? That is the question posed in this essay. Is this going to lead to another round of marginalization in the Southeast? Would the Southeast ever be a viable presidential candidate? These are significant concerns.

One thing is certain: the agitators will never admit that the Referendum was lost. The battle would rage on. They would point the finger at the process's lack of transparency. If the referendum is held, I don't believe the Igbos will accept loss.

I'm begging the federal government to do things differently this time around. If the Igbos remain, it indicates that they feel Nigeria can be restored. Let us reconstruct our country from the ground up. It is critical that we examine the country's founding principles. Let it be something we create with our own hands rather than something given to us by someone from outside Nigeria.

Finally, those who oversaw the Referendum process should be praised and rewarded. This is the only way to achieve everlasting peace. All of this can lead to a strong Nigeria. If at all feasible, Nnamdi Kanu, a selfless leader, should be allowed to govern Nigeria.

What do you think would happen if Nigeria grants the Referendum and the Igbos opt to remain? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and share with others.

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