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An Open Letter To Biafra Agitators Across Nigeria And Abroad

Greetings to all my confreres and sisters Igbo and the agitators of Biafra. I am writing this section to encourage you to pursue one Nigeria. Separation only occurs when misunderstandings cannot be resolved. But in this case, the conflict between the federal and Southeastern governments can be resolved. 

We have to be smart enough to know what is and whatisn't necessary. Let's direct our sincere questions to the federal government. If we think the 1999 Constitution is unfavorable, let's have a dialogue with the federal government. 

All Nigerians are no longer strangers to each other. We are a big family. Therefore, separating from our other friends and relatives is not a good move. Nigeria may be made up of more than 250 different tribes, but we are still one big family.

Let's look at a few things, we have a lot of business and investment across the country, what will happen to that business and investment if we carelessly insist on dividing. 

Today we have many Igbo people who speak fluent Yoruba or Hausa and don't even speak Igbo. If we cannot maintain unity with other Nigerians, what is it certain that if we are left alone, we will unite? Some Igbo people defended Biafra simply because Nnamdi Kanu said so. 

Many people haven't analyzed whether or not it is necessary, or breaking up is the best way to meet our needs. If you and I are to be honest, we have to admit that there is even some element of disagreement between us, as most Igbos in some states are considered to be superior to others in others. I sincerely apologize to anyone who may be offended by this open letter. Even so, I remain in my position, let us accept unity.


Please share your thoughts on this letter directed to Biafra Agitators.

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