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2 points to be taken from the Independence Day speech of this little girl.

In a now trending video, a young Nigerian girl was seen giving a short but inspirational Independence Day speech, though she is a little girl, her Independence Day speech was a perfect one and perhaps what Nigerians needed to hear at this crucial and critical period in the country's history.

young girl who gave viral Independence Day speech. Credit: Naijaeverything.

The girl who rocked a green attire was decorated with white ornaments as she marks her nation's 61st year of independence. In her speech, she pointed out that, Independence Day is not the time to talk about our nations problems but a time to remember our fallen heroes, "this is a time to celebrate our fallen heroes and I hope we get freedom from all our problems soon", she said as she rounded up her short speech.

The speech from the little girl is so inspiring and although a short one, there are vital points to be taken from her speech. Below are the points to be taken from the little girl's Independence Day speech:

- We should remember the labour of our fallen heroes.

Photo of founding fathers from 1960. Credit: Google.

Although as a nation we are not yet at the level we hope and aspire to be, Independence Day is a day to reflect on the sacrifices and struggles of our past heroes who struggled and fought for our freedom. We should remember the heroes who walked on fire so that we could walk on coal, they fought for our freedom from colonial masters and they deserve to be celebrated, the freedom we are enjoying today is the result of the sacrifices some people made and it significance should not be forgotten or neglected even if we are yet to reach our potential as a nation.

- 61 years together as a nation is no joke and there is hope that the country will overcome it current predicaments.

Eagle square, during celebration of Nigeria's 61 years of independence. Credit: google.

The line "the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain" in the nation's anthem comes to my mind anytime I hear about secession agitators, Nigeria as a country has endured 61 years together, a country of over 250 ethnic groups and a population of over 200 million people, if we look back at where we are coming from then we will realize that there is hope for the country. We all just need to work together to make the country great again.

We all should know that we are enjoying the freedom some people fought hard to get and we owe them the debt of making Nigeria a better nation. Happy Independence to all Nigerians.

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