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Catastro-crazy in Edo and Ondo States.?

As we are looking forward to the upcoming governorship elections of Edo and Ondo states respectfully, let us take a brief look at the intrigues and events that characterized the governorship elections of Ekiti , Osun States of 2018 and Kogi , Bayelsa States of 2019.

   In 2018,the gubernatorial elections in Ekiti and Osun States were characterized with serious and massive incidents of interference, unchecked intimidation of voters and also reports of harassment of party agents / monitors , election observers and also journalists.

In these Two elections , allegations of thuggery and intimidation played out and this was why the elections were described as mockeries of democracy and a broad day rape on credible,free and fair elections. The height of the whole show of shame was when on the Osun governorship election, Nigeria's electoral umpire said it was disturbed about reports that accredited media and election observers were being arrested or prevented from operating in some polling units.

   In 2019, the Kogi State governorship election was held across the state and on same day,a senatorial rerun election was also held in Kogi West Senatorial district

The elections were reported to be marred with massive violence,open votes buying ,voters inducement , intimidation and also harassment from security agents etc. In a nutshell,the events during the elections simply represented a significant blemish and dent to Nigeria's democracy and President Buhari's promise of ensuring that elections during his tenure will be free and fair.

Also in Bayelsa State, security agents watched incidents of ballot box snatching ,open votes buying , total disregard for electoral process , total abuse of electoral process.

 With what played out in the aforementioned elections where the commercialization and bastardization of Nigeria's elections appeared to have reached unprecedented height and level, one may be tempted to believe that the upcoming governorship elections in Edo and Ondo States will definitely fall below the standards expected of a free,fair , credible and transparent elections and this may make the elections total disappointments..

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