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Forget Prof. Pondei, Dino Melaye Is The Best When It Comes To Fainting

There's a popular belief that politics is a dirty game. Well, it appears to be true but at the same time it looks as if politics is as well a very funny game. Over the years we have heard and read about some very funny events involving our politicians. Sincerely, it is easy to forget at times if these people are actually politicians or comedians.

The events of our so called leaders doing some really comic stuffs many. From Gen. Abacha stealing enough money that can sustain his lineage up to the third generation to Gov. Diepreye Alamieyeseigha dressing like a woman to escape his crimes. Let us also not forget about our Lawmakers exchanging blows during plenary session and fighting over the mace and stories of animals swallowing and stealing money. Indeed, it seems as if the list is endless. These guys are indeed a group of comedians.

However, recently it seems there is a new trend. Our leaders seem to have developed a new technique to escape some embarrassing situations. This is no other technique than the art/ act of fainting. This technique looks less embarrassing unlike dressing like a woman and sounds more reasonable than accusing an animal of swallowing our money. It is the ultimate way out of trouble, just faint!

Prof. Pondei, the acting managing director of NDDC is the latest member of the growing number of fainters. He appeared to have fainted during a meeting where he was to respond to accusations of financial misappropriation of about 1.5 billion naira. Well, I must commend him, he did quite well in his attempt avoid the situation.

However, Prof. Pondei has a mentor, role model and senior colleague in the art of fainting. He is no other than Sen. Dino Melaye, if we can remember he had some allegations against him early last year and he succeeded in fainting just few minutes after surrendering to the police of course after an intriguing hide and seek tournament between him and the police. Prof. Pondei tried with his fainting skills but obviously is still miles behind the legendary Sen. Dino Melaye whose fainting performance was a masterclass and by far the best in this game!

With the look of things our leaders will probably just keep getting away with their crimes as they always come up with a new technique. Fainting is the order of the day now, we have no idea what is next up their sleeves!

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