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Opinion: How Southeast Can Convince Northern Voters To Support Igbo Presidency In 2023

The race for the next occupant of the presidential Villa has reached a new phase in recent months. For quite some time now, the major issue on the lips of almost all the political gladiators and stakeholders have been the question of which region should succeed the north in 2023.

Many analysts and political observers have been watching and commenting with keen interest as the Nigerian political space gets embroiled in one of its biggest dilemmas since the return of democracy in 1999. Currently, there are two schools of thoughts that are at loggerheads about which region should produce the next occupant of the prestigious Aso rock Villa in 2023. One school of thought strongly believes that power in the country should be rotational, it believes that rotational presidency guarantees the equal participation of all the regions in governance. The other school of thought is of the opinion that, rotational presidency is undemocratic, and Nigeria is a constitutional democracy. These particular persons are of the opinion that in a democracy, the majority should be totally involved in governance.

Northern Nigeria is a vast region that has been active in the sociopolitical aspects of this country since colonial times. The region is armed with a large human population that metamorphoses into a strong voting advantage during national elections. By all democratic dictates, the north which has the largest population should be active in the Presidency. But, for the unity of this country, the south should be allowed to produce the next President in 2023. Whatever the arrangements, we should ensure that all the regions are carried along.

Image showing some northern voters with their voters card

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In the midst of the claims and counter claims by all the regions involved in the struggle for the next president in 2023, I strongly believe that rotational presidency is the best way to keep our federalism strong. We cannot be practicing a federal system of government where one region will be dominating the governance process because of its population. But, if other region like the southeast is keen on producing the next president in 2023, there are certain ways to lobby for the support of the north to achieve an Igbo presidency.

How the Southeast can convince the North 

The North may not be the ultimate electoral “gods”, but they do have the numbers. Politics is a game of numbers, winner take all. Any region that wants to occupy the nation's highest political office must first win the hearts of voters in the northern region.

Currently, there are some certain notions that the southeast needs to correct about their region if at all they intend to convince the north to support their presidential ambitions.

The issue of the activities of the so-called secessionist groups in the southeast, have led many voters in the north to have certain misconceptions about a southeast presidency. The activities of secessionist groups have been so loud in the southeast that it is now falsely assumed that the entire southeast are supporting it. The activities of secessionist groups is clearly the ambitions of a small fraction of the entire population of the southeast.

Image of Secessionists from the southeast

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The majority and hardworking Igbo people believe in the unity of Nigeria, but they must do more to correct the false narrative that the entire region wants to break away from the rest of the federation. The recent condemnation of the activities of some secessionist groups by the governor of Imo state, Hope Uzodinma, is one of the many ways that the southeast can lobby the northern voters.

Image culled from Daily trust

Igbo traditional rulers and sociopolitical groups, like Ohanaeze Ndigbo, needs to step up their condemnation of the activities of secessionists in their region. This will portray a good image for the southeast, and may ultimately win the hearts of northern voters.

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