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Use Shari'a Law To Rule Nigeria If You Have Truly Tired Of Democracy System.(Opinion)

Firstly, I will like to let you know that this article is not meant for religion sentiment and I want you to read it to the end so that you will know what to comment.

Majority of Nigeria citizen has been complaining that they have tired of democracy due to the unprogressive situation and corruption that happening in this country.

It has become deep to the extent that they have been lamenting since the interest of both parties that ruling Nigeria has died in their hearts as a result of maltreatment of the people.

It has caused a lot of pains to the heart people across Nigeria. If you want to confirm what am talking about, just try to visit any place that connecting two or more people together and hear what they are saying about Nigeria government. Even they have tired of voting for any party because none of those parties have provided them dividends of democracy.

We have tried both parties with different people that looks like pious ones but they are all betrayal, even the only man we've also seen as the last hope is suffering from weakness due to his old age challenges.

And those of the people who are serving under him are using that opportunity to embezzling public fund because they believe that nobody can challenge their authority.

Let's take what happened to "Ibrahim Magu" former acting Efcc chairman as a case study, he was trying to fix out all the corrupted ones among those leaders then look at how he was roped by this culprit.

In my submission, since we have tried democracy government and it works out negatively for us, why can't we switch to shari'a law system and allow shari'a law makers to rule us for four years as trial.

By doing this, everybody will be living happily. Then punishment for crime and enjoyment for goodness will be shared equally without sentiment.

Because in Shari'a law, everybody is equal and no special treatment for the rich over less privileged people who have nothing.

Kindly share your views with me in the comment box and share it for others

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