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Opinion: Igbo day of mourning: Why Igbo leaders are to be blamed for Igbos' plight in Nigeria

The leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo worldwide has declared that September 29th should be a "day of mourning", instead of the "Igbo celebration day" that has been witnessed previously in the past.

The reason they gave was that there's nothing to cerebrate because of events that have happened in the East recently. They blamed the security agencies for ethnic cleansing in the East. They also spoke against the killings, raping, kidnapping, and destruction of properties by the Fulani herdsmen. They are remembering the deaths of Igbo youths, who were killed by security agencies in disguise of clamping down on the outlawed IPOB boys.

Their decision is that there is nothing to celebrate when Igbo youths are languishing in detention across Nigeria. They want the Igbos, both at home and abroad, to be in a mourning mood on the 29th of September.

Looking at this, one would be in doubt whether the Ohaneze Ndigbo has realized their position in Nigeria. The organization that is supposed to protect the interests of the Igbos in Nigeria is seen on different occasions fighting for leadership positions. The group that has parallel presidents can not be seen as a serious group.

Why would they be fighting dirty in public? What would they want the citizens to do when their leaders are busy dragging who's the Ohaneze Ndigbo president, etc. The Igbo cultural group leadership has not been doing enough to get things better for the Igbos. What can you say is their agenda for 2021 and beyond? The issue that is bordering on seccession has not been managed well, prompting why it has escalated to uncontrollable measures. The Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership has done nothing on the issue of the sit-at-home order declared by the outlawed group, which has been biting hard on the East economy, for over eight weeks and counting. The end is not certain at the moment.

The leaders have not found it worthwhile to organize a meeting with the South East Governors to look for solutions to the sit-at-home problem. They have not made any move to Aso Rock, to meet with President Buhari. President Buhari would not come to discuss with them, but they are the ones who should go to the president for solutions to all of the East's unending problems.

The Ohaneze Ndigbo are saying that security agencies are committing ethnic cleansing in the East, have they met with President Buhari, IG, Army chiefs, or have they made any official statement on this. Have they taking any of the security agencies to court to demand for Justice if they have committed any crime against the people of the East. Leadership of 21st century should not be talking from bedroom, without any action. They should first mourn for themselves, before they blame anybody about the Igbo plights in Nigeria. They should be held responsible for the falling of the state of security and economy in the East, and not the security agencies and the FG.

What do you think about this? Do you think that the South East leaders have done their best to protect the interests of the Igbos in Nigeria? What do you think should be done to make sure that Igbos are going to overcome all these problems facing them? Kindly send us your comments below the box. Share and like this work. Follow us for updates.




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