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No Matter How Rich You Are in Nigeria, You Can't Buy Or Own This Vehicles

In Nigeria,we are blessed with many wealthy and successful men and woman. But in that wealth,there are many things that comes with it.

For these wealthy men and women, security is a primary concern and priority because there are mischievous individuals that want to extract money from these wealthy men and women in an evil and criminal manner.

Many billionaires spend huge amount of money on their security details and their lives are more precious to them and their families. But instead of spending huge money of security guards,one might suggest to buy one of the armoured vehicles below.

But it doesn't seem that way,these vehicles are militarized and equipped to fight against extreme criminal targets. You cannot own a militarized armour vehicle because its strictly for the military only as they deal with high profile threats.©mspv

While you can buy armoured cars,this isn't the type that you can be riding in your streets. I guess there isn't any prohibiting you from buying these armoured vehicles but no matter the amount of money you have,you might need a very strong permission to own one of these.

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