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Five things about Muhammad Bin Salman the Saudi Crown Prince.

 This article carefully looks at the situation and the style of travel of the long-awaited prince since he was given more power.

 1. Power.

 Muhammad Bin Salman is a 32-year-old man who is overwhelmed by the burden of running a government.

 He is the Minister of Defense and Economy. He reached this position because of the glory he received from his father, the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman.

 2. The arrest of Saudi ministers and princes

 He has already been linked with a move to power, with on November 4 the Crown Prince ordered the arrest of four Saudi ministers and princes who had been arrested and their assets confiscated. never seen in Saudi Arabia.

 The men, who are well-known in Saudi Arabia, have been embarrassed in the eyes of the world after allegations of corruption.

 While some see it as just a political ploy by the future Crown Prince to increase his own power.

 3. He wants women to drive cars

 The prince-in-waiting was one of the few warriors on the ground like Sadiya who followed the religious path and saw it was time to give her the right to drive.

 Saudi Arabia is the last country in the world where women do not have the right to drive, but a change was bought in June 2018, when the ban was rifted. 

 4. Look at ways to reduce dependence on oil wealth

 The prince is trying to find new ways to boost the Saudi economy to reduce dependence on the oil wealth that one day could be protected.

 It is in this context that he has launched a new initiative called Vision 2030, which aims to achieve new goals in the field of technology, such as the production of automobiles and self-propelled aerial vehicles and the development of parks such as Silma. showing movies, something that has never been seen before in a country like Saudi Arabia.

 And anyone who seeks to challenge the Prince's policies will ensure that he is fired.

 5. He participated in many wars

 The long-awaited Saudi prince is at war with the enemy at the same time, where for more than two years he has thrown the country's army into a war in Yemen, a war that is still unsuccessful that has resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives and the suffering of hundreds of people in Yemen.

 It was the prince who sparked the crisis in Qatar between the two major Gulf states, which are now having an impact on their economies.

 The prince has been heavily involved in Saudi Arabia's war of attrition with Iran, with both countries blaming each other for the war and being responsible for throwing the Middle East into its current state.

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