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How Northern PDP Cabals Threaten to Punish Ortom for working Against Northern Presidency in 2023

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The Peoples Democratic Party is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to reclaim the presidency. As a result, the party is making every effort to ensure it gets its strategy right, especially as it concerns zoning.

However, solving the party’s zoning puzzle is not as easy as many expected, as it has torn the party into two camps—North and South. Both camps want the presidency zoned to their region.

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This explains why the Northern PDP cabals are not happy with Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom, and they have threatened to punish him. According to a recent report in Tribune, the Benue State Governor is alleged to be working to undermine the emergence of a Northern President in 2023.

So, how do the northern cabals want to punish him for working against the region’s interest?

They have resolved to work against his political interests in the 2023 elections.

The decision to punish Ortom was taken recently after the Northern PDP cabals observed that he wasn’t on the same page with them with regard to the Northern presidency in 2023. Rather than stand with the North, he is alleged to be supporting the Southern Presidency.

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To this end, the cabals have threatened to work against his interests in the 2023 campaign.

That implies that they will gang up against his political interests in 2023, which includes any candidates that he might support to contest for any political office. So, any aspirants that might have any link with the Benue State Governor will be tagged anti-North and he will not be supported.

The plan is to isolate and make him a political pariah that no one would like to associate with.

And if Ortom decides to go to the Senate like some of his colleagues, he will be denied support and party structure as punishment for undermining the region.

Photo Credit: Blueprint

It is not likely that Ortom will bow to the blackmailing tactics of the Northern PDP cabals because he has made it clear that his campaign is not for personal interest, rather he is focused on the common good of his state. That means if he feels that a Southern President will be better for Benue State, he will not hesitate to throw his weight behind the project.

More so, his decision to favour a Southern President may have a lot to do with his unpleasant experiences in the last six years of the Buhari government. The Benue people have come under ceaseless violent attacks from Fulani herdsmen, and none of them has been convicted for their crimes.

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