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Opinion: Alliance With Other Regions Will Not Guarantee Igbo Presidency, Here's The Best Option

El-Rufai, the Governor of Kaduna State, declared a few months ago that the Igbo people cannot insult everyone in Nigeria while demanding the presidency. According to him, the region can only win the president if it joins forces with other regions. However, how practical is the Governor's statement?

Before I respond to this topic, I'd like to address one specific statement made by the Governor. Not everyone in the Southeast is clamoring for independence. Nigerians should be aware of this. Nnamdi Kanu and his supporters believe this is the only way out, but others in the region disagree.

Returning to the topic of alliances, I do not believe it is the answer to the Igbo presidency. An Igbo man will not become Nigeria's president no matter how many alliances he forms.

Even though the Igbo people have been staunch supporters of the PDP, they have been denied the opportunity to run for president. They are always doomed to fail. They are defeated because they lack the necessary numbers. And that's simply at the level of the political party.

Jonathan's task was made much easier by the fact that the North was divided at the time. In 2010, we had the ANPP and CPC. These parties merged in 2014 under the name APC. That alone contributed to Goodluck Jonathan's demise.

APC and PDP have become more like a game. Even if an Igbo man ran for office under one of the following political parties, he would lose. That would be it once the other party chose a Northerner. Even if the Igbos win the presidency now, it may take another 50 years for them to reclaim it.

This is the only way to solve the problem. The presidency of a United Nigeria should be rotated among the regions. We cannot operate politics in the same way that Western countries do. "Turn by turn" is the language we comprehend in Africa. The presidency, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the House, and Chief Justice should all be rotated among the regions.

Do you agree with my point of view? If you don't agree with it, explain why. Leave your thoughts in the comments section and share with others.

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