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The Plight of Road Users - Lagos State Government Should Please Look Into The Plight of These People

Our daily lives involve going out everyday to meet up with the demands of the day. So in all we do, we can't keep away from making use of the road. But it becomes frustrating when you constantly have to make use of a terribly bad road that makes life really stressful for you.

That is the plight the people that live around Babs Animashaun and environs, and the public transport workers that make use of this road are currently going through. Babs Animashaum road has deteriorated so badly that driving through this road seems like a nightmare now.

The gullies that are in the middle of that road have eaten in so deeply that they look like valleys. What about the deep pool of water that continually breaks down the vehicles of the road users?

On my way going to Doyin today, I passed through that road. I use that road often, but the last time I passed through there it wasn't bad as it is now. It seems the road is getting worse each day. And I can imagine how it will look like in the next few weeks when more rains come.

The public transport workers have increased the fare because of the bad road. Before now, from Shitta to Doyin used to be N100, but it has now been increased to N150.

During the drive, I engaged the driver in a conversation, and he began to pour out his frustrations to me. He said that their buses break down every day because of the bad road. He complained about the little amount of money he takes home every day, because he has to use most of his daily income to service his vehicle at the end of each day.

Looking at this road, I couldn't help but feel a pang of frustration. The road is so bad that even when you're trekking through, you have to compete for space with the vehicles.

I had to take some snapshots to make an article, and appeal to Lagos State Government to come to the aid of these people.

I must commend the state government for awarding the contract for the construction of the road, but one thing I want to stress here is that the more the project is delayed, the more the plight of these road users grows worse.

The state government should please hasten the arrangements for the construction of the road, so that the frustrations of these people can be alleviated.

See photos from the road here:

Have you passed through this road lately? What is your opinion about this?

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Content created and supplied by: Richiehenshaw (via Opera News )

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