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OPINION: Reasons Presidency Should Be Retained By The North, With Gov. El Rufai As President

As we all know, the 2023 general elections, will be taking place on Saturday February 18th 2023 as disclosed by INEC officials, and as such a new president will be coming into power since the current serving president Muhammadu Buhari tenure will be ending by then.

So because of that, i decided to put up this article, to display the kind of president and leaders i think Nigeria needs right now to solve the numerous problem in the country today.

As the 2023 presidential election draw closer, I think Nigerians should allow the North to retained the presidential office with Governor El Rufai coming in as president, and Governor Tambuwa as Vice president of the country.

Below are my reasons why the presidential office should be retained by the North.

1. Presidency should be retained by the North, due to the fact that the Northern part of the country today, are the mostly terrorized part in the country today, and as such with Governor El Rufai coming in as president, the issues of bokoharam and bandits (insecurity) would be easier to resolved compare to when a southerner or easterner comes in as the next president.

2. Secondly, Governor El Rufai should be in the right position for the presidential office if retained by the North, due to the fact that that he has been into politics for a very long period of time now, as he has served as an economic advisor under Abubakar, and also served as the secretary general of the national council of privatisation under Obasanjo in 1998 according to Wikipedia. So i believe he is the ideal presidential candidate to solve Nigeria numerous problem.

3. Thirdly, i think the presidential office should be retained by the North with Governor El Rufai, because he is the current governor of kaduna state, and with such influence, he can put an end to the killings which are been done by fulani herdsmen on a daily basis.

4. Lastly, El Rufai is a man of integrity, who can easily make Nigeria great again by uniting the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), with other groups in the country such as the Arewa youth, in other for Nigerians to experience a peaceful coexistence between the North, South, East and West. Also, governor El Rufai can achieve all this, with Governor Tambuwa (Governor of Sokoto) backing him up as the vice president of the country.

What do you have to say about this opinion? Kindly share yours using the comments section below.

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