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Trump tells Americans that he'll be back very soon.

Trump honors clinical staff at Walter Reed Clinical Center and says "I'm progressing admirably"

Prior, specialists treating him said he was reacting admirably to treatment 

Be that as it may, minutes after the fact the White House head of staff discussed "basic" days ahead 

Trump's PCP says he misspoke when he said the president had been analyzed a day prior to he told the country 

It made hypothesis that the president had been battling subsequent to testing positive 

First Woman Melania Trump likewise has the infection and is recovering at the White House 

Trump, 74, has been condemned for making light of seriousness of infection and frequently scorning veils and social distancing.

We don't have a deep understanding of what sort of clinical consideration Donald Trump has gotten at the White House and the Walter Reed clinic since becoming sick with Covid, yet his primary care physicians have delivered some data. 

The president's very own doctor Dr Sean Conley said that when Trump was admitted to clinic he began a five-day course of the medication remdesivir and was given a trial immunizer mixed drink. Remdesivir has been appeared to abbreviate the recuperation time from the Covid. 

On Saturday Dr Conley said the president had gotten a second portion of remdesivir. 

A few US news sources said the president got oxygen at the White House before he was taken to clinic. 

President Trump got some information about the medication hydroxychloroquine, however isn't taking it right now, his primary care physicians state. Right off the bat in the pandemic, he promoted the medication as a therapy for Covid - a suggestion not borne out by clinical exploration.

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