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Nigeria Airforce Ranks And Salary Structure 2020 Official

The Nigeria airforce salary structure is a classified information you will hardly found on the Internet. How much the air force pays its officers monthly according to the various ranks in Nigeria air force varies from what the navy and Nigeria army pays.

Base on the information I gathered, below are the Nigeria airforce ranks and salary structure in a month.

Non commissioned officers.

1. Trainee earns 10,237 monthly

2. Aircraftman woman is paid 53,892 monthly

3. Lance corporal is paid 55,832 monthly

4. Corporal colleges 69,261 monthly

5. Sergeant collect 69,261 monthly

6. Flight sergeant earn 87,119 monthly

7. Warrant officer is paid 101,974 monthly

8. Master warrant officers collect 165,697 monthly

9. Cadet trainee is paid 44,564 salary

10. Air warrant officers salary 171,793.

Commissioned officers.

1. Pilot officers salary is 187,159 monthly

2. Flying officer salary is 218,400 monthly

3. Flight lieutenant earns 232,484 monthly

4. Squadron leader is paid 248,004 monthly

5. Win condr earns 342,586 monthly

6. Group captain earns 352,631 monthly

7. Air commodore collect 677, 895 monthly

8. Air vice-marshal is paid 1,376343 monthly

9. Air marshal is paid 1,486,451 monthly

10. Air chief marshal earns 1,724,283 monthly

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