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See photos of Lady as she goes completely unclad during protest in front of security officers

The federal security agents have been seen to have become stiffer and more strict than before as the Black Lives Matter protest continues.

The protest has then taken a notable twist as the federal security agents have become more strict towards protest. It's now more than 50 days since the protest kicked off.

In Portland Oregon, lots of clashes has been seen lately to have occurred among the protesters and the federal agents. So, some security officers which were deployed to Portland Oregon has been greatly criticized for their inhumane treatment of protesters.

So, it happened that while these security officers were busy beating protesters as usual, a young lady came forward completely unclad and she stood right in front of the federal security officers. After they saw this, the officers seems to be so confused and so they don't know what interpretation they could give to that, so they had to leave the protesters alone.

See some screenshots of the lady.

With these, lots of people have praised the young lady for her courage and bravery. She was praised for her brilliant use of her woman power.

See some comments from people.

So the Governor of Portland Oregon, the person of Governor Katie Brown, has thereby condemned this act of operations of the federal security service and homeland security. He also condemned them for using tear gas and other inhumane brutality bestowed on protesters by those security officers.

What's your say on this? Let's hear your thoughts.

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