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Ondo 2020: Will PDP Repeat Mistakes Of 2016?

listened to a programme anchored by one of PDP ASPIRANTS Thursday morning on ADABA and i was taken aback by the issues raised especially on ASPIRANTS geopolitical origin. I was disturbed because the participants were demarketing the PARTY.

I thought he slurred upon historical facts and he picked the blurred domino. He was aware that jimoh IBRAHIM was assigned and he kept the PDP down with LITIGATIONS up to the SUPREME COURT till three days to the election. The electorate can still recall.

The PDP FLAGBEARER & the PDP never had time to CAMPAIGN and he still came SECOND. The AD CANDIDATE was from the SOUTHERN SENATORIAL DISTRICT! PDP candidate came SECOND! Is that not a historical truth ?THOSE WHO could have VOTED for the PDP were discouraged by the UNCERTAINTIES and the distrust of the system.

After the election, they REGRETTABLY realised that if they had voted , EYI could have won. They have come now to say again but GO FOR GOLD. WE must not allow a misrepresentation of the whole issue.

I dont want to remind DELEGATES ABOUT THOSE WHO ALLIGNED with the IBADAN sabotage. That is past. Some people need to revamp their INTEGRITY while operating on the political turf of Ondo State. No amount of misrepresentations can sway the people.

Character is first, second and next in all endeavours and particularly in POLITICAL office. Your character as a PERSON is not wholly the function of your place of birth. After the last Governorship election, which brought in the AKETI TEAM , we can periscope how the PDP was dethroned from 21 ASSEMBLY members to 8 only. We can also identify those who attempted to rescue, preserve & protect the remnants of the 8TH ASSEMBLY for PDP.

We also know the one who caused the MISFORTUNE for the PDP at that point. We are mindful of the few leaders who struggled to put the party back on its feet with their material and God given wisdom. Those who nurtured and revived the dying PDP back to life and strength must be appreciated.

The honourable delegates have two choices AVAILABLE. First , recall the activities of the ASPIRANTS since after 2016 and Next, examine why PDP had a low at the 8TH ASSEMBLY. Then ask if it is proper for PDP to institutionalize elevation of DISLOYALTY .

We need to REWARD LOYALTY & TIMELY COMMITMENT and make it a culture so that the attitude of abandoning at will wont prevail any more. The needs providers of many years and rescuers at CRITICAL moments must be honoured and compensated with our highly morally invaluable votes.

When it was difficult, men stayed with us in hope for the FUTURE. They never forgot to mend the big UMBRELLA which some thought was no more useful. Yet the great UMBRELLA is ready to accommodate even those troubled by the rain and the scorching sun rays.

Let us think deeply even as some come around boasting to buy votes as they always did in the past We must identify those who would step in like David to rescue us from the claws of the EFCC lion just because the opponents felt threatened by our legitimate election funds. Let us REWARD those who will never ,for personal discomfort, desert us .

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