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Opinion: ESN May Push The Nigerian Army To A Point Where They Would React Ruthlessly Against Them

Indeed, there is only so much the Armed Forces of a country can take from errant civilians, who set up armed groups under the guise of protecting themselves or the forests of their region.

The ESN has chased a lot of herdsmen from the forests in Enugu and have destroyed a lot of their properties in the process.

It is important to note that once a government outlaws a group, the law enforcement agents, have the legal right to coercively enforce such laws.

Thankfully, the Nigerian Army in Enugu State, have done very well to overlook the activities of the Eastern Security Network (ESN), however, for the sake of law and order, this 'self-control' may not go on for too long.

The Nigerian Army, are a trained, disciplined and respectable set of people, hence, they understand that the enforcement of this law, may lead to the loss of life and injury, as they(the Nigerian Army) would want go all in to end the ESN's activities in Enugu. On these grounds, you can understand why they are yet to react to the ESN.

However, I must warn the ESN in Enugu and it's member not to keep pushing their luck as the Nigerian Army, may react ruthlessly against them.

God bless Nigeria.

Dear readers, what is your take on this delicate issue of national concern?

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