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Opinion: Buni should choose between party chairman and governor

The governor of Yobe state is, very strangely, also the chairman of the caretaker committee of the All Progressive Congress, APC at the national level. He was given a mandate which was supposed to have lapsed but for the needless extension of the tenure of the caretaker committee.

I had thought that the governor will oppose an extension of the tenure so he can face governance. But it looks like he loved the extension, that is if he didn't lobby for the tenure to be extended. For me, this is strange. It doesn't make any sense to me.

I expect the governor and his political party to know that governance is a very serious business. Especially for a state like Yobe that is one of the poorest in the country. A state that is burdened by complex security concerns. I expect the governor to be too busy to have time to hold the position he currently holds.

To run a political party as complex and unstable as the APC is no easy task. To now attempt to head such a party in addition to a stare that has a lot of need for good and dedicated governance is to misplace priorities, and threat governance as a child's play.

Buni was not elected as a part-time governor. He cannot be sharing his time and energy between running a national party and governance of Yobe state. One should give way for the other as soon as possible.

I would ordinarily guess that the governor will prefer the office of governor of Yobe state to that of the national chairman of a party. But who knows? With the way the man carries the office, my guess may be wrong. So, on that note, I'm urging the governor to make his choice between APC national chairman and governor of Yobe state.

If it was ok to combine these two roles in the past, it is, to my mind, definitely not so anymore. Times have seriously changed! Governors like Buni must be fully focused and committed to addressing the mountain of development challenges bedeviling Nigeria. Especially states like Yobe.

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